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HIRDA stands for Himilo Relief and Development Association. Himilo means ‘vision’ in Somali language. Founded by members of the Somali Diaspora in the Netherlands, HIRDA wo…


In 1996 a group of Somalis living in the Netherlands came together to discuss how they could contribute to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of their home country. Two …


For effective, efficient and sustainable implementation of the projects in Somalia, HIRDA has established an office in the country itself.


HIRDA, together with five other NGOs part of the IMPACT Alliance led by Oxfam Novib. In cooperation with Butterfly Works, SOMO, 1% Club and Fairfood, we aim to fight poverty...


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Throughout the years HIRDA has built a database of different documents it has published. Here you can find research papers, newsletters, policy letters, and press releases.


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