Paid positions

Software / Website consultant and developer

You will lead the set up of a crowd-source platform for the organization. You will explore different possibilities and advice on what technologies would best suit HIRDA. You are responsible for the implementation of the system. In doing so, you will cooperate with HIRDA’s staff who will provide input on content and design. Moreover, you will be supported by our current Software/Website developer.

Competencies of the contractor:
You are able to implement a crowdsource platform web application for HIRDA, using technologies suited for the situation. We are looking for someone who has at least a Bachelor (HBO) in e.g. ICT, Information Technology, Computer Science or a portfolio/examples of web applications you have developed and/or implemented.
Furthermore, skills needed for this assignment are:
o JavaScript
o A server sided language (preferable PHP or Java)

Furthermore, you are able to deliver within a certain timeframe, which will be agreed on later on. You are flexible and able to organize properly (planning, prioritizing etc.), result oriented and creative. You have good knowledge of both the Dutch and the English language, both written and oral.

For more information contact HIRDA Organization, [email protected]

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