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December 16th, 2016
HIRDA AFT is yearly Futsal tournament for somali youth in Europe.

HIRDA is in civil society Steering Committee for upcoming UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants

June 9th, 2016
Fatumo Farah, HIRDA's managing director will attend a high-level meeting to address large movements of refugees and migrants, with the aim of bringing countries together behind a more humane and coordinated approach. The UN General Assembly will organize this meeting on 19th September 2016

HIRDA Summer Cup

March 31st, 2016
The yearly soccer competition is taking place in Amsterdam, Bijlmer Sports Park. The date is set, it will be 4th of June 2016. Everyone is very much welcome to come and support the sixteen participating Somali football teams, representing sixteen different cities in the Netherlands. This 8th edition of the outdoors football tournament promises to be as spec…


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