Eindhoven wins HIRDA Summer Cup 2014

''If you believe it, the mind can achieve it''

The 6th edition of the HIRDA Summer Cup was held in Amsterdam on June 21st, 2014 with a Somali football team from Eindhoven being crowned The 2014 Champions. In a breath-taking final Einhoven beat the Somali team from Purmerend by a goal to nil. 

HIRDA organises the annual tournament to engage the Somali Diaspora youth in the development of their home country and to know one another as well as learning how best they can seize the opportunities that arise in Europe. Networking and Diaspora engagement are key during this tournament.

Sixteen teams from sixteen cities 
Sixteen teams – drawn from fifteen cities in the Netherlands and one from Antwerp in Belgium – participated in the one day tournament. The games were exciting and show cased young Somali talents that have a promising future if nurtured. 


Best player and best coach awards
However, it wasn’t only the finalists that were awarded with winner’s trophy and medals. Also feted were individuals who exhibited exemplary skills and/or attitudes during the course of the tournament. Ali Hassan who was the skipper of the losing finalists Purmerend was awarded the best player medal. The sturdy centre-half also plays for the Somali national side. Others were Mustafa – Nijmegen coach - who scooped the coveted best coach award and Abdul who clinched the best goal keeper prize. He was the champions’ man in between the sticks.

In attendance to watch the live action were top HIRDA officials, Somali intellectuals, elders, famous Somalia sports personalities and hundreds of youths – mostly Somalis.


New Somali song for HIRDA unveiled
And, the tournament held around the same time every year had so much to offer this time other than the usual fanfare that comes with the beautiful game. The event saw a new Somali song specifically meant for HIRDA’s sporting activities unveiled by Netherland based Somali singer, Laki Hajji.

Somali book fair
There was also a book fair by Somali publishers who had presented an array of books and audio-visual materials. The books written in Somali had contents ranging from Somali history, culture, social issues, poetry, politics and comedy. The audio-visuals mostly had contents meant for children’s consumption.


The tournament is one of our biannual football competitions, the other one being the HIRDA Amsterdam Futsal Tournament held in December. The two tournaments form part of HIRDA’s projects in our Resilience Through Sports programme.

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