On 22th and 23th  December 2018, HIRDA will organize the 14th edition of the Amsterdam Futsal Tournament.

Every year HIRDA organizes the Amsterdam Futsal Tournament as part its activities to engage the Diaspora and the youth in particular to participate in the development of their countries of origin and to imrove the integration of the hosting countries

This event is in particular aimed at using sports as a tool to promoting  integration of the somali youth in Europe,  peace and development in Somalia, Social cohesion among the Somalian and other migrant and non-migrant youth groups in The Netherlands as well as in Europe. In addition to this, it is hoped that this event will help to reduce the engagement of the Youth in Anti-social activities and promote their engagement in development activities in their countries of origin. in addition to this event is hotspot of somali youth and acknowledgement of  somali people who contributed the development of the somalia , but also  the host countries. therefore the latste three years we include AFT HIRDA achievers AWARD (HAA)

This year’s event will take place at Sportshallen Zuid  in Amsterdam, 24 teams will participate the tournament and HIRDA AFT tean are full in preparation.

You register your team here

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