Join HIRDA Summer Cup 2014 on June 21!

HIRDA Summer Cup 2014 flyer

If you believe it, the mind can achieve it

The whole world is cheering for the national teams that are competing for the desirable World Cup in Brazil! Next Saturday, however, a soccer competition almost as exciting as the World Cup, is taking place much closer to home. Take a pen and draw a big circle around the 21rst of June 2014 in your calendar. This is the day that HIRDA Summer Cup 2014 will kick off in Amsterdam.

Come and support the sixteen Somali football teams 
Everyone is very much welcome to come and support the sixteen participating Somali football teams, representing sixteen different cities in the Netherlands as well as Belgium. This 6th edition of the outdoors football tournament promises to be as spectacular as the previous five, with prominent Somali guests jetting in from abroad, to hand out the coveted trophy to the winning team. You’re all invited. 

 View the full programme! Or contact Abdinour for more information: 06 863 997 00

Watch HIRDA's Summer Cup 2014 Promo:

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Bijlmer Sportpark
Karspeldreef 501
1102 BX Amsterdam

Registration from 8.30 – 9.30 am
Start tournament 10.00 am 

View the full programme

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