Lecture: Religious scholars and peacemaking

Tomorrow, Wednesday 7th of May at 18.00 pm, HIRDA and SOMVAO will organise a lecture provided by the religious scholar Mohamed Sh. Ibrahim Kenyawi. Sheekh Kenyawi will speak about the role of religious scholars in peace making and development of Somalia. In particular, Sheikh Kenyawi will answer questions such as:

  • What is the basis of the assertion that religion can play a positive role in peacemaking and development?
  • What is it for religious leaders and religious institutions that makes it particularly suitable in addressing conflicts?
  • Religious leaders are trusted by the local communities and consequently can negotiate between opposing groups. Can religious scholars/leaders, whose moral authority is unassailable, be given the chance to lead their communities towards peace?

In fragile countries without rule of law, like Somalia, different mechanisms are needed in order to uphold stability in regions. Religious leaders can play an important role in (local) conflict resolution and the reconciliation process.


SOMVAO, Hamerstraat 24, Amsterdam
Entrance: Free
Time: 18.00 pm

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