Returning opportunities to Somalia

Schermafbeelding_2013-11-03_om_23.54.58.pngHIRDA cooperates with International Organisation of Migration (IOM) on a project that provides qualified Diaspora from different countries the opportunity to contribute to capacity building in their country of origin. Somalia is one of the countries that have a desperate need for skilled and experienced people to help build governmental sectors that are underdeveloped, which are agriculture, logistics and financial managements. “Support is also needed in focus areas of HIRDA like training of teachers, women empowerment and financial literacy among women”, adds Zia Gulam, the contact person of IOM. Therefore, HIRDA and IOM organized an information session to inform Somali Diaspora about this project, as well as addressing their concerns.

The session attracted a great number of enthusiast Somalis, who are keen to go back and help rebuild their country. There are three possible locations in Somalia where Somali’s can return to: Mogadishu, Puntland and Somaliland. A diploma of higher educational level is required to be eligible to participate. The work will be on voluntary level, although IOM covers the ticket, safety, accommodation and training materials. The duration of this project is a maximum of three months.

HIRDA spoke with Abdi Nur Ali, who has an academic background in financial management and considers going back: “Being away from Somalia for a long time and the need for knowledge are the main reasons I might return temporarily. ” However, Abdi Nur is having some security concerns, especially for the area of South Somalia, where he would like to go to. “NGO staff and aid workers are usually targeted, which makes me reluctant. Movement limitations due to the security problems would be a challenge.“ Although he has not decided yet, he expressed his joy about the opportunity. “It would be an instructive journey that would enable me to learn more.”

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