Rotterdam winner of the HIRDA AFT 2012!

Schermafbeelding_2013-05-16_om_17.48.37.pngThe Somali soccer team from Rotterdam has won the Amsterdam Futsal Tournament for the 3rd time. The tournament, which HIRDA organises every year, took place on the 22nd and the 24th of December in Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam. This year 36 teams from different countries in Europe participated in the event. Rotterdam ended against team Olympic from Denmark in the finals and due to an even score the game led to penalty shots with a winning score for Rotterdam.

This has been the 8th tournament that HIRDA organised. To encourage sports among young women, HIRDA for the first time also included the women’s basketball game. The overall aim is to engage the Somali Diaspora youth in the development of their home country and to improve the integration of Somali refugee youth to their host country.

HIRDA was honoured to have the Somali Vice Minister of Sport Eng. Bashiir Mohamed Jama as a keynote speaker on the phone during the opening ceremony. He emphasized the importance of the Somali Diaspora for the development of Somalia. He acknowledged HIRDA’s work and gave encouraging words to continue our efforts in building peace in Somalia. Also other special guests were present, such as old national basketball players, soccer players, national refugees and coaches. The Somali national women’s basketball team was there too, of which most players belong to the Somali Diaspora. HIRDA is thankful to everyone who has contributed to make the AFT a great success!

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