Somali President speaks to its Diaspora

A_New_Deal_Diaspora_Event_2.jpgMonday September 16 is an important breakthrough and turning point for the Somali people. Today, exactly 1,8 billion euro has been promised by the EU and the international community at ‘A New Deal Conference in Brussels. Many Somali Diaspora from whole Europe have come to Brussels to witness the agreement on the new Compact made by the EU and the Somali government. At night the Somali government meets with the Somali Diaspora to listen to their view on further development of the country. HIRDA was their too. 

One of the main aims was to motivate the Somali Diaspora to raise even more money, which is needed to rebuild the country. The audience agrees that also from the communities help is needed. One man stands up and says out loud: “Can we help?” Everybody answers: “Yes we can!”. Support for the government is very important in order to keep the peace in the country.  While everyone in the audience is enthusiastically clapping, President Sheikh Mohamud is walking up to the stand. “Today we wrote the document which is called The Compact. The money that has been promised today by the international community must be spend on the focus points we described in this document.” Many consultations took place in Somalia to document the priorities of the Somali people throughout the country in the Compact. People from all levels of society and from all different regions have been asked for their key political economic development issues and recommendations. This indicates that Somali’s are able to unite when it comes to improvement of their lives.

The president acknowledges that it is crucial to use the conference as an opportunity to get into action. “This is a joined effort between Somalia and the EU. It is clear that our international partners are serious in sustaining development in Somalia. ”The regime’s mission is for every region to consist of a well functioning school, police, health-service, meeting centre and municipality. “More than 1 million children will receive free education. Even twenty years ago, before the war started, this was not the case. And never in Somali’s history the government paid for children’s education.”, explains President Sheikh Mohamud. “In addition, to improve the quality of the education, we offer teacher trainings to more than 1000 teachers in the country.” The Diaspora plays a very important role in this, according to the president. “The development situation in Mogadishu for instance has improved significantly, thanks to the contribution of Somali Diaspora who returned to the capital of their home country. They bring concepts like a supermarket and restaurant to the country, that contribute to the economic and social development of the country. People in Somalia aren’t familiar with this. We are very grateful for all your effort.”, says President Sheikh Mohamud to the Diaspora in the audience. 

Moreover, the government focuses on improving the security situation in the country by increasing the amount of well-trained policemen on the streets. We will also shift the military trainings from Kenya to Somalia. It is for the first time in history that the Somali government pays for the police and military. Thanks to the New Deal we are able to continue and increase this payment. “We are now moving away from the chaos, disability, piracy and extremism to an era of peace and development. I am determined to lead Somalia on the path to security, peace and economic development.”, are the concluding remarks of the president, who aims to reach a more secure and developed country before the next free elections in 2016.

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