Somalia diaspora as asset of the country how can be their contribution harnessed? What are the challenges and opportunities?

Many Somali diaspora feel a strong commitment to the country where they live and work, but also to their country of origin. Their expertise, cultural affinity, and strong commitment make them humanitarian actors in crisis situations, entrepreneurs in business, trade and innovation, as well as excellent agents for development.

 IOM NL  has started the second phase of its Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D) program. Through the transfer of knowledge and expertise, CD4D2 engages diaspora to support the development of their countries of origin. The overall objective of CD4D2 is to promote the active role of diaspora. Somalia is one of the selected countries for this program and HIRDA organization is outreach partner of IOM of this program.

 HIRDA Organization with partnership of IOM Netherlands is organizing series of outreach webinars about Somali diaspora contribution to the development of home. The webinars are part of IOM project of connecting diaspora for development CD4D2. .  Our goal of the webinars is to build awareness and connection around the Somali diaspora and specially Somali- Netherlanders to the development of Somalia and harnessing their contribution.  

 The first webinar was held 15th of Augustus. The webinar was focused on hosting institutions and their perspective of Somali diaspora contribution. Participants were from different institutions from SFG, Mogadishu municipality, Berbera municipality institutions from Somaliland.   

 The second webinar will be organized on 26th of October and it will focus on the perspective of the Somali diaspora, the challenges, opportunity and the sustainability of diaspora contribution.

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