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Training enhancing Diaspora impact

August 8th, 2021
HIRDA has organized week training course last week of July 2021 In Mogadishu for HIRDA Somalia staff, partners and diaspora volunteers with aim of enhancing diaspora development impact and to capacitate HIRDA Somalia staff, partners and diaspora volunteers to deliver a high quali…
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Screen_Shot_2021-05-04_at_6.20.49_PM.png  Somali diaspora engagement

Engaging with Somali diaspora:  HIRDA engages with Diaspora organizations and individuals to work together to contribute to the development of Somalia as the country lacks know-how and expertise in all areas.  Working in a fragile state requires an adaptive approachHIRDA is able to anticipate in a flexible and fast manner on the dynamic context the Somali’s live. Somalia’s problems are big and interconnected. Collaboration with local stakeholders: HIRDA works closely with local communities and community organisations in Somalia to ensure project ownership.


 COVID-19 information Facebook page

With this Facebook page HIRDA Updated Somali community in Holland about  COVID-19.


HIRDA puts all its effort to sustain the lives of people in a desperate region of our world. Your donation will make a great difference in the lives of our fellow human beings who are trapped in a hopeless situation.

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Appeal for peace from Somali diaspora

May 6th, 2021
Somali diaspora is important actor for peace promoting in somalia-
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