AU-CIDO & HIRDA Consultations with Somali Diaspora in Europe on the impact of COVID19

April 14th, 2021
HIRDA Foundation and AU-CIDO held a Somali Diaspora consultative meeting with a number of experts on 27th of May 2020. The consultation provided an opportunity for Somali diaspora expert and Somalia diaspora organizations based in Europe to share experiences and build networks as well as to exchange on the main opportunities and challenges linked to Somalia …


October 23rd, 2020
The Covid-19 virus has held the Netherlands in its grip for a months. In a very short time, the cabinet had to take a number of drastic measures to protect the Dutch population. In addition to health problems, this crisis has also caused economic and social problems for the entire Dutch society. Certain groups are hit harder than the others in different ways…

COVID-19: Additional challenge in fragile context of Somalia

April 27th, 2020
Somalia was in civil war from 1988, which led insecurity, famine and displacement within Somalia and the neighboring countries. Somalia has more 2.6 million displaced people and some five million Somalis are reported by the UN to be in need of humanitarian assistance. According to the UN’s global humanitarian response plan, Somalia has an average of two heal…

Anki Dunnewind donates part of book’s revenue to HIRDA

April 7th, 2020
Anki Dunnewind wrote a book about refugee women and decided to donate half of the revenue to organisations improving women’s positions in their countries of origin. HIRDA is one of the organisations she selected. Anki chose to support HIRDA’s Women Empowering Centres in Somalia
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