Emergency Education for Children in Gedo

September 10th, 2015
In between January and June, 2015 HIRDA undertook a project to help children affected by conflict and displacement in Gedo region. This project helped children in Belet-hawa and Luuq district. The project included: • Construction of temporary learning spaces • Construction of wash Facilities • Provision of water trucking • Rehabilitation of permanent cl…

Mass School Kits Distribution in Gedo Region

September 8th, 2015
As an emergency activity, HIRDA in partnership with UNICEF distributed educational supplies on 15th of April 2015 that comprised of replenishment kits, school in a carton kits and recreation kits to 15 schools in Luuq and Belet-hawa districts of Gedo region. Education kits are packages of basic education materials that have been designed as part of a prepare…

Round-table discussion on Diaspora involvement in Somali refugees

August 25th, 2015
A round-table discussion was held on Wednesday 12th August, 2015, in SOMVOA in Amsterdam. The round table was organized by HIRDA and UNHCR representative. The purpose of the meeting was to generate ideas on how the Somali Diaspora can be involved in improving the conditions of Somali refugees. The meeting was moderated by Prof Dianna Shandy of Macalester Col…

HIRDA Iftar Program for Talawadag Camp

August 25th, 2015
In July, 2015 Hirda in partner with Human Concern International (HCI), which was the funding agency of the project held a program of providing food items to vulnerable people during the Ramadan in order to break their fasting period. HIRDA was the implementing agency of the program. HIRDA’s IFTAR principles of assisting and supporting our poor society, reac…
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