West-friesland wins HIRDA Summer Cup 2016

June 9th, 2016
The 8th edition of HIRDA summer cup was held in Amsterdam on June 4th, 2016 with West-Friesland team being crowned as the 2016 champions. In a tense finale, West-Friesland beat a team from Valkenswaard by 1-0 to take the trophy home HIRDA organizes the annual tournament to engage Somali Diaspora Youth into the Dutch society and development of their country …

School rehabilitation in Abudwaq

May 31st, 2016
We renovated end of last year Ibrahim Egal Giir school in Abdudwaq. The school has primary, intermediate and secondary classes and it was built in 2003 by HIRDA with the support of Somali Diaspora. The school has approximately 600 students. Now, with the project school rehabilitation, HIRDA has been able to renovate the school

HIRDA Celebrates international women's day

March 24th, 2016
The celebration of this important day took place this year in Mogadishu. The event was aimed to highlight the importance of empowerment of Somali women through education, employment, political participation and entrepreneurship skills development. HIRDA works towards strengthening the self-reliance of women, enhancing their involvement in negotiations an…

Follow-up training: Diaspora giving back!

February 16th, 2016
HIRDA team in Mogadishu gave last week a follow-up training to students from Mogadishu universities. As part of initiative Diaspora giving back project, that aims to empower youth in Somalia.. HIRDA gives weekly trainings mainly entrepreneurship and job skills to the students and graduates by a Somali Diaspora in Mogadishu. HIRDA has a close relations…
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