AgriFood: Investing in Somali Enterprises


During the formal launch of Global Somali Diaspora in the Netherlands, we presented a new project called Agrifood. The project aims to enhancing Food Security in the Horn of Africa through Diaspora Investment in Agriculture. The project is financed by international fund for agriculture development (IFAD) and contracted with BiD Network. HIRDA and Collert are supporting partners of the implementation of the project in different regions of Somalia. 

At the meeting the Agrifood project was received with great enthusiasm. There were intensive discussions, the participants asked practical questions about the feasibility of the project as well as challenges that investors might face while investing in a country like Somalia. The most frequently asked questions were about the timeline, technical assistance and procedures. We have assured that the process of matching between the entrepreneurs and investors will be very careful.

Further, we provided explanation on how and in which way Diaspora can participate in this project. We called for the need of mentors who can assist the entrepreneurs in rural area and how the people can register if they are interested in this project.

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