Ajax Foundation donates shoes to Somali orphans


Ajax Foundation is known for its generous donations. The Foundation has previously donated sports kits consisted training suits and official playing kits. Now it granted a donation of sports shoes for underprivileged children and orphans in Somalia.
As an organization striving to make a difference in a war-torn country, our foremost objective is to facilitate and promote peace among young Somalis in addressing issues ranging from the ongoing violence to the prejudice between different clans. And, it’s on this very proposition that our Sport and Development Program is predicated.
These donations will help HIRDA to continue its Sport and Development Programs.  Further, these new shoes will serve as a motivation tool to encourage youngsters to join our Sport and Peace Building programs.
Football is very popular sport in Somalia; therefore HIRDA focuses on football in its Sport Peace and Development program, in order to reach youth from different clans and backgrounds and educate them about the importance of their role in the future.

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