Birmingham (UK) champion of AFT Summer Cup 2017


The 10th edition of HIRDA AFT summer cup was held in Bijlmer sport park in Amsterdam on July 1th, team from UK (Birmingham) became the champion of this year tournament. In a tense finale, Birmingham beat a team from Oss by 3-0 to take the trophy to UK! 

HIRDA organizes the annual tournaments to improve the integration of Somali youth into the Dutch society and to engage the youth the development of their country of origin. Networking and Diaspora engagement play a big role in these tournaments as well. The tournament was one of the activities of project Play Out II supported by Amsterdam municipality. This year the tournament was organized on the same day as Somali independent day. That has given the tournament more attention from the community, the youth and the media. Somali national TV supported broadcasting of the tournament and Somali singers performed the event among others Abdi Badil Ibrahim and Fatumo shiino. 

Sixteen teams - drawn from fourteen cities in the Netherlands and two teams from Belgium and from UK participated in the one-day tournament. The games were exciting and showcased young Somali talents that have promising future if natured. During the tournament there were small discussions and debates about different topics concerning youth such as schooling, radicalization and the unemployment among Somali youth refugees. 

It was not only the finalists who were awarded winner’s trophy and medals. Also feted were individuals who exhibited exemplary skills and/or attitudes during the course of the tournament. Best player award was given to the best individual performer. Also, top scorer was awarded for his performance. To engage more people with the tournament, HIRDA invites community mobilizes, prominent people, officials of the government, old players, ambassadors to attend the tournaments. the guest of this year were among others Eng. Prof Abukar warsame from university Stockholm, Magan Dahir, Mama Batulo Haji Nur and Istahil Abdulahi. 

We thank All volunteers and the supporters of the tournament especially Amsterdam municipality that has funded this tournament.


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