Celebration of International Women's Day


HIRDA organized international women’s   day celebrations in Netherlands and in Somalia. The event was organized in Somalia to identify the obstacles to the progress and development of women in the Somali community and to also identify ways of finding solutions to these obstacles. HIRDA and its partners recommended different themes to be discussed during the commemoration of the international women’s day. The themes vary from discussing gender-based violence to mobilizing women to participate in peace building and decision-making process. 



In Mogadishu, our team discussed women mobilization.  This theme was aimed at encouraging women to be actively involved in taking part in the rebuilding of the country. In Somalia, women are excluded from decision-making where peace deals are negotiated.  During the preparation of  the event,  our team meet the local women and leaders of the women’s organisations  who addressed  the issue  at hand during the celebration of the international women’s day. The event was graced with poems by female poets, who, using traditional poetry highlighted the importance of International Women’s Day.


During the women’s day celebration in Somaliland violence against women was the theme discussed. Together with other community members HIRDA team in Hargeysa discussed how to protect women from all forms of violence. They gathered relevant information regarding the issue of violence against women before the event and discussed it with the community members during the celebration. 


International women’s day was celebrated also in Abdudwaq together with our local partner KARAMA. The theme of the event was mobilizing women to participate in rebuilding the country and have an active role in the decision-making process in the community. Further, the celebration was filled with festive activities such as; dance performance, traditional Somalia poetry.  


In Gedo, the team organized an event filled with activities that were both entertaining and educating.  The theme of the event was also ending violence against women. They, however, focused more on the practice of Female Genital Mutilation. The event was colorful; people from all walks of life attended the event.  Assistant district commissioner Mr. Nur was a notable guest who thanked the organizers of this day and extended his support for women.  Among the participants were youth groups and members of local women organizations. 

AGAD Garowe

In Garowe HIRDA partner, AGAD organized the commemoration of International Women’s Day which, was focused on the role of women writers in promoting safe motherhood and fighting ignorance through promoting girls education. Female education is important as the female illiteracy rate in Somalia is more than 74%. Educating girls and women will lead to healthier society.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

In Amsterdam, we celebrated International Women’s day and discussed how Somali women could integrate more into the Dutch society. The event highlighted the importance of women in Somali Community. During the celebration, we paid tribute to the Somali female heroes. We presented a video featuring Dr. Hawo Abdi’s achievements and the impact of her work in Somali society. Among the many the guests were Abdi Badil, a legendary Somali singer who performed classical Somali songs featuring  the significance of the mother in the family structure.

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