Closing ceremony of Traditional Birth Attendance (TBA) training

The fourth addition of the training traditional birth attendance (TBA) was finished in Abudwaq Central Somalia Central Somalia. This training was provided by our local partners KARAAMA with support of HIRDA. Since 2011, total of 40 women have benefited from this training and they become FGM ambassadors.  The Ceremony took place in Salama Hotel and was attended by local authorities of District of Abudwaq, youth groups, women organizations, elderly and religious leaders. 


The purpose of this training was first to ensure safe motherhood and provide childcare.   This training was part of program aimed to raise awareness about female genital mutilation and its effect on girl’s health. 
During this training the women were given lessons about midwifery, which requires in-depth understanding of fetus and child development.  In addition, there were awareness campaigns about FGM where the KARAAMA utilized various communication tools to mobilize the community and communicate the dangers of the practice of FGM. The participants have also received a kit with necessary tools to practice their new profession.

I can work with people who campaign for the eradication of FGM. I can also give awareness to my family so that my girls will not circumcise their daughters’ said one of trainees and  Former FGM practitioner

For this project the community elders, intellectuals, youth and religious leaders of Abudwak were mobilized and they participated in the campaign actively. For instance, religious leaders discouraged the practice and they inform the community that it has nothing to do with religion of Islam.
In conclusion, midwifes were satisfied with the knowledge and skills    they gained from this training. Now, they are qualified to take care and rescue mothers and infants, give nutrition to the mothers and children and make sure that they stay health and finally ensure health pregnancy. 

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