Classrooms Built for Dolow and Luuq

As part of our efforts to ensure children in the region of Dolow and Luuq get access to education, HIRDA constructed permanent classrooms with gender friendly WASH facilities. With the Gender friendly wash rooms, girls – just like the boys - are afforded an opportunity to attend school without having to stay at home even during their periods. For HIRDA, advocating for gender equality as well as enrolment of the girl child in education in Somalia, is a key objective that runs across its Education Programme. 

Minimizing Inequalities and Grievances
The construction of these facilities are in line with the elements of our Access to Education Programme, which – among others - includes renovation of the old and construction of new learning centres.  In Luuq, HIRDA Somalia constructed four classrooms, four gender friendly toilets, an office and a store. In Dolow, HIRDA built one more classroom, bringing the total number of constructed classrooms in the latter locality to five.

By constructing this classrooms, HIRDA hopes to restore confidence and trust amongst the community through provision of continuous education, minimize inequalities and grievances among the conflict affected communities as well as contributing to the strengthening of values, attitudes and beliefs that prop up peace.


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