Eid Al Adha meat distribution

On the occasion of the Eid Al Adha, HIRDA distributed meat for the 100 poor families living in Haraale and Smaralis IDP camps in Dharkenley, Mogadishu, Somalia. The project was funded by Human Concern International. 

HIRDA’s Eid Awadhi meet distribution is aimed to assist and support the poor society, reaching the needy and assist those affected by the hard living circumstances. It is HIRDA’s distinguished role and mission to alleviate the sufferings and improving the quality of lives of vulnerable people living in the IDP’s. HIRDA has acquired experience overtime in emergency relief of local communities in different parts of Somalia. HIRDA leverages its expertise in relief services and are dedicated to care and help the vulnerable groups.


The beneficiaries of this project were IDPs including men, women, children and elderly people who lived in the camp. The children go around cities and do small task like shining shoes, washing cars, garbage collection, washing dishes at restaurants in order to buy food and important basic needs.  

The major achievements of the program were the food items were distributed in a pleasant environment, the beneficiaries’ worries of hunger among the poor was reduced and they were satisfied with the food deliveries. A lot of vulnerable people gained from this project for they were able to forget about even for a little while.

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