Emergency Education for Children in Gedo


In between January and June, 2015 HIRDA undertook a project to help children affected by conflict and displacement in Gedo region. This project helped children in Belet-hawa and Luuq district.

The project included:

·          Construction of temporary learning spaces

·          Construction of wash Facilities

·         Provision of water trucking

·         Rehabilitation of permanent classrooms

·         Teacher training

·        Distribution of education Kits

·         Supervision and monitoring of project activities

Construction of temporary learning spaces
5 temporary learning spaces were constructed in Belet-hawa District (2 in Tulo Amin primary school, 2 in Carabo primary school and 1 in Jiracle primary school). All the learning spaces are already in use.

Construction of Wash Facilities
10 latrines have been constructed and hand-washing facilities installed. 6 latrines were constructed in belet-hawa district (2 in Carabo Primary School, 2 in Jiracle primary, 2 in Xananley primary school). 4 latrines were constructed in Suulale Primary School in Luuq District. The facilities were constructed, rehabilitated and are functioning.

Provision of water trucking
4 schools in Belet-hawa and 2 schools In Luuq district have access to clean water.
A total of 742 school children are accessing clean water.

Rehabilitation of permanent classrooms
2 destroyed permanent classrooms at Horsed Primary school in Luuq District have been rehabilitated and are being used as learning spaces.
Teacher training
119 teachers (30 females) from 15 schools were trained on educational skills. This was through a 10 days training that was organized in two venues i.e. Luuq and Belet-hawa Districts. A pre-test and post-test was administered to measure knowledge acquisition.

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