Formal Launch of Global Somali Diaspora in the Netherlands

On Saturday, November 15th, HIRDA organized the official launch of Global Somali Diaspora in the Netherlands. The event took place at Babloyn Hotel in The Hague. More than 60 Somali Diaspora representatives attended the event. Among them there was Mr. Abdi Harir, executive director of GSD, who came from the United Kingdom for this event.

Mr. Harir opened the event with presentation about the organization’s objectives and its achievements so far. He specified that it is a non-political, membership based, advocacy organization. It aims to become a home for all Somalis living outside of their home country. He added that the organization's vision is to work together with all governments, organizations, and corporations in order to earn people's support and trust.

Among other speakers there were, Fatumo Farah, director of HIRDA Foundation, and Ali Ware, chairman of Federation Somali Associations in the Netherlands (FSAN). Both Mrs. Farah and Mr. Ware participated in the official formation of the organization back in June. In his opening speech Mr. Ware talked about the Somali community in the Netherlands and pointed out the importance of unified Somali Diaspora.After the presentation the participants were given a chance to ask questions and get involved in discussions. They had questions regarding the organization's structure, activities and achievements.

Mr. Harir explained the process of the formation, where hundred leaders, activists, professionals and community representatives from all over the world met in Istanbul and elected the Board of Directors, advisors and executive director. He added that there will be conferences where members of the organization will be given the opportunity to elect the leadership. 

As for the activities, the Director gave an example of one of the recent actions. When in Australia the government forced banks to shut down fund transfers oversees in fear of remittances being used to fund terrorism, the GSD wrote to the Australian government and mobilized the Somali Diaspora in Australia to come up with unified response.

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