Further educational development

Schermafbeelding_2013-11-03_om_23.58.51.pngAbsence of proper functioning water supply, sanitation and hand washing facilities, in Somalia the hygienic conditions at school are very poor. HIRDA carried out a survey in South and Central Somalia, that indicated most schools have very few toilets, which are often in bad shape and without hand washing facilities. Lack of sanitation increases childhood illnesses among students, and poor health conditions are an important underlying factor for low school enrolment and early school dropout, particularly among girls.

In order to discuss the current situation in education, HIRDA invited different organisations, who are working in this sector – like education umbrella’s and universities – to participate in the yearly Education Network Meeting. The different parties shared and exchanged information on the challenges of school hygiene and sanitation in Somalia. The aim is to raise awareness on the importance of school sanitation and ways to improve the hygiene situation in school buildings. One of HIRDA’s main solutions is to provide sanitary pads to girls in order to them the opportunity to proceed their education during their period.  

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