HIRDA at Africa Day!

Schermafbeelding_2013-05-16_om_21.57.02.pngNovember 17 2012 is Africa Day, a yearly initiative by the Evert Vermeer Stichting. On this day NGOs, governmental organisations, financial institutions and social entrepreneurs came to Amsterdam to present the political, social, cultural and economic situation of the different countries in Africa, the challenges that they are working on and the opportunities that lay there to be grabbed. HIRDA, a Somali Diaspora developing organisation was there to put a special focus on its mission to improve and increase girls’ education in Somalia.

During the day, HIRDA could be found with an information stand in the Barleaus Gymnasius, where an African cultural festival took place, kicking off with an African Fashion Show, followed by a performance of the Poetry Circle Nowhere, the stand up comedian Fuad Hassan and the dance group Foret Sacree Obouibe. On top of that, HIRDA organised a workshop on the importance of girls education in Somalia. Many interested visitors attended and participated in the debate that followed on this topic. “Stimulating girls education in Somalia is as significant as realising security in the country!”, is the main conclusion made by the visitors and the debaters at the end of the workshop. Read here more about the debaters and how they came to this conclusion. If you are interested to read about the highlights of the African cultural festival in more detail, click here! 

Are you curious what happened during Africa Day at other departments? View this link for a complete report of the entire day, including the opening ceremony by mayor Van der Laan, minister of Zimbabwe Sekai Holland, and the Dutch minister of Foreign Business and Developing Aid Lilianne Ploumen, and many debates on crucial topics regarding the development in Africa. The conclusion of the day is that policy coherence between commerce and developing cooperation is an important goal of the Dutch government. This way, developing aid will also benefit the Netherlands in the future.

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