Diaspora is giving back

Besides financial remittance from Somali Diaspora, they are determined to give back the knowledge and the skills they gain from their host countries to Somalia. HIRDA organization which is Diaspora- based organization with field offices in facilitated to link the locals and the Diaspora communities.

The last three month, HIRDA team in Mogadishu facilitated several training given by Diaspora from different countries to students and NGO workers in Mogadishu.  Selected subject for the first phase of the training were; Good governance, Research development and Writing proposals. The program received attention from other Somali Diaspora communities living in Mogadishu who are willing to give back the knowledge they obtained in the west. Some of the trainers were from the Netherlands and UK.

The students who were from different local universities in Mogadishu have followed a course of 5 weeks where they have been taught subjects that are related to their field of work. The students and NGO workers were taught subjects such as; project cycle management, communication skills , Research development, team building, Financial management, Conflict management, research development ( Data collection), and good governance. 

Both students and Diaspora professionals experienced the training as useful and significant and it created a good relationship between Diaspora and local students. HIRDA is planning to deliver such courses this year and will call on the Diaspora to participate in this program.

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