HIRDA Runs:2015

On Saturday 26th of September, HIRDA organized a sporting event for running athletes. This event was aimed to encourage Somali youngsters living in the Netherlands who have athletic ambition.

HIRDA Runs were first introduced back in June  during the annual summer sporting event. More than 20 athletes participated in this edition of HIRDA Run. These athletes participated in short-distance run 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m. Participants also included children under 12 years of aga The theme of this edition was ‘Run for the dream’ which meant to serve as an encouragement for the runners. 


‘We want longer term investment in you (Athletes), we will help you as much as we can to ensure a bright future in athletics, and I want you to put more effort in sports’ Fatumo Farah, Director of HIRDA Foundation


The winners received medals and coupons. The awards were given by the parents of the runners who came to support their children. At the end the Director of HIRDA Foundation thanked the athletes and their families for their participation. The Director vowed to support the Somali athletes so that they reach the highest level of athletic career. 

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