Resilience training also useful to coaches

How to be resilient when you feel threatened or you find yourself in a threatening situation? Or how to react when you feel offended? Over 150 young boys are listening fascinated to the practical advice from pedagogue Absishakuur Halene, boardmember of HIRDA, on how to act in a conflict situation in daily life. It is the final conference of HIRDA’s yearly project Resilience through Sports, where the course is being evaluated together with all participants.


“Everyone said to have really learned something from the course that they can use in different situations during their lives”, Said states enthusiastically. Eight futsal teams from eight different cities in the Netherlands participated in the project, where each team received training in dealing with conflict situations. Also in sports, guys now and then end up in an aggressive play. How do you keep yourself calm in a situation like that? Shakuur offers tools the boys could use in different situations, like literary taking a step back when you’re in the heat of a discussion. One of the most important lessons learned was to be less impulsive, the youngsters indicated.

No more fighting with brother or son
“A guy admitted he fought a lot with his brother. However, thanks to the training he learned to put himself in his brother's shoes and to look at the fight also from his perspective. Thanks to this skill they fight a lot less now”, tells Said. But the resiliency training turned out to be not only useful to the boys but also to the coaches. Said: “One of the coaches admits that also he applies some of the given advice; this in order to deal with conflicts with his adolescent son. Thanks to the use of some of the advice the fights in the house have decreased extremely. We were very pleased to see that the resiliency training reached the youngsters as well as the grown ups.” For next year a majority requests to have language courses also, actually in Dutch as well as in Somali, as they feel the erg to improve it. HIRDA will take this advice to next year’s edition and hopes that all teams will participate again, if possible even in more training sessions. 

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