Introduction: Story of Change


HIRDA collaborated with Oxfam Novib in a large impact-evaluation study to conduct a research about the state of FGM practices in Somalia in 2012. As a follow-up of this research, Oxfam introduced a new method called Story of Change. This new method is qualitative in-depth research meant to identify and measure the effect of projects that have been implemented and the change that occurred. The aim of this method is to understand research results better.

Story of Change
The story of change involves people sharing their stories about how they experience a certain change in their life and subsequently participating in joint reflections about what is learned from the stories and the contribution of the Non-governmental organizations.

In order to implement this new method, there is a need for training. Therefore, HIRDA and OXFAM facilitated a three days workshop to train a selected group of their staff and partners to implement the Story of Change (SoC) research.


Training for Staff and Partners

The training was held in Hargeisa with 12 participants representing the organizations who had implemented the World Citizen Panel Survey. The participants were split into two groups, where each group focussed on an issue. Oxfam and its participant dealt with Livelihood whereas HIRDA and its partners discussed the issue of Female Genital Mutilation.

During the training, the organizers held a brief introductory presentation about the Story of Change and its methodology.  After that, participants were divided into small groups to work on an assignment. The exercise contained stories collected in other countries where the SoC was implemented earlier. The training was successful, participants provided feedback and recommendations. The given feedback will be processed into the future trainings.   

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