London Team won HIRDA AFT 2016!


Friday 23st was the opening ceremony of HIRDA Amsterdam Futsal tournament 2016 (AFT). The games were held on the 23nd and the 24th of December in Sport hallen Zuid in Amsterdam. This year 24 teams from different countries in Europe and In Netherlands participated in the event. To acknowledge persons who have done something for themselves or done something for the country of origin. HIRDA also included for the second time HIRDA Achievers Award(HAA). This year the theme ‘Activate the Youth’ and ‘Peace in Somalia’ was chosen. Where by the importance of community involved in sports plays a prominent role.

This was the 12th HIRDA Amsterdam Futsal Tournament (AFT). HIRDA’s aim of this tournament is to engage the Diaspora youth in the development of their home country and to improve the integration of Somali youth refugee to their host country. The event is a meeting spot for the Somalis. Besides that, it’s also a way for the youth to play an active role in a sport within their network. AFT forms a neutral ground where youth, both immigrant and native, can better learn and understand each other and the differences between a Dutch or Somali background. Sport unites people because of a common goal and experience and this makes a positive difference to the community.  

On the 24th was the first round of the tournament and there were 4 pools of 6 teams. Of the 500 people who attended the event 240 were participants in the games.  In total 12 teams went on to the 2nd round. Leuven  (Belgium) London (UK)  Castillo (Norway), and Germany played in the semi-finals. The final game ended up with a match between London and Leuven team from Belgium, Team from London won  AFT 2016 with  3-1. They got the price of taking home the winning cup for the first time.

All in all the tournament was a success and HIRDA would like to thank each and every single one of their volunteers and attendees, without them the HIRDA AFT wouldn’t have been complete. Also, we thank anyone who supported us in any type of way. We are looking forward to AFT 2017 and hope you will once again be part of that event!    

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