Mass School Kits Distribution in Gedo Region


As an emergency activity, HIRDA in partnership with UNICEF distributed educational supplies on 15th of April 2015 that comprised of replenishment kits, school in a carton kits and recreation kits to 15 schools in Luuq and Belet-hawa districts of Gedo region. Education kits are packages of basic education materials that have been designed as part of a preparedness strategy to support schooling for populations caught in complex emergencies.


The objectives of this program were as follows:

  • To reduce dropouts and increase the enrolments in primary formal education.
  • Accessibility of educational materials in all schools thus ensuring learning materials are made available.
  • To reduce ignorance among the general youth, with special emphasis to girls education.
  • To reduce the trauma among the school children by giving them recreational equipment’s in schools.

Mentors and mobilizers were the sole individuals responsible for the distribution at the school level. They ensured schools that were entitled to receive the supplies got the supplies on the right time with the right quantity as stipulated on the distribution plan. The distribution took 5 consecutive days of working majorly at outskirts villages of luuq and belet-hawa districts. Along the distribution, mentors and mobilizers were also demonstrating on the use of the education supplies especially the geometric materials that seemed unfamiliar to most schools. A total of 68 cartons were successfully distributed to the targeted 15 schools.



The school kit had an enormous positive impact on the children in terms of reading and writing improvement. The kits facilitates for the teachers to prepare lessons and guidelines to follow which improves the relationship between teacher-student. The school kit also improves the enrolment where some children are forced by their parents to go to school when they see other children of their age having books and are learning. The school kit also boosts the education and relieves parents of buying school materials for their children.

A total of 2,086 students in Luuq and belet-hawa districts and their surrounding villages benefited directly from the school kits distribution. A total number of 15 schools received school kits. Each school received pencils, erasers, A4 papers, rulers, blackboards paints, recreational equipment, recreational kits, colors pen and pens among many others.

HIRDA thanks UNICEF in taking part in this program which helped children to improve their education and mentality. Children are the future of their communities; if they receive proper education and guidance they will tremendously bring positive change to their communities.

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