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Severe drought in Somalia                                                                                

Yesterday Drought 2011, violence and poverty, today it is the most severe drought ever. 

More than half of Somalia population will be in need of humanitarian assistance between February and June this year according Food security and nutrition analyst unit of FAO. 

The drought in all Somalia has been partly caused byThe failure of the rains for two consecutive Gu (rain season) seasons. As well as the lack of food caused by the drought and the weak government.

Domestic animals are dying in large numbers every corner in Somalia. there are many cases of dehydration. The signs of crisis are everywhere. Each day, thousands  people flood the capital in search of food. More than 7,000 internally displaced people sought help from one feeding centers in just a day, a level of demand the center cannot possibly meet. In the country's north, local leaders say that 65 percent of livestock have died. Without rain, there is no food for the camels and goats to graze, and no milk for the children.

On Saturday, Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire offered another stark fact to illuminate the magnitude of the country's drought. At least 110 people have died in the previous 48 hours in a single region of Somalia, he said in a statement. Most of the victims were women and children, killed by waterborne diseases. The families know the water isn't safe to drink, but they have no choice: There are no other sources.

There is threat  now of cholera and other diseases due to lack of clean water in many areas. Outbreaks of diarrhea and some cases of measles are striking down people, mainly children already weakened by hunger. 

HIRDA has been working in Somalia since 1998 to support the vulnerable groups, children and women with support of Diaspora groups and  its partners.

HIRDA  Calls for mobilization of everyone and anyone who believes in working together towards a better world. Actions, donations, prayers, every little that can be done is welcomed, because even little things can go a long way.

HIRDA – Himilo relief and development Association. For donations and information please contact us at 027163831, or click here!

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