Reeuwijk win the HIRDA AFT 2014

AFT_2014.jpg The tenth anniversary of Amsterdam Futsal Tournament was concluded with a grand final match between Reeuwijk (NL) vs Denhaag (NL), where Reeuwijk won the tournament with 3-0 victory over Denhaag (NL). HIRDA Amsterdam Futsal Tournament (AFT) is held annually in Sporthallen Zuid Amsterdam, as this year marks the 10th anniversary since the games were established. AFT 2014 participated by 24 football teams eight overseas teams and sixteen Dutch teams, two girls’ basketball team, The Moroccan National Fustal team and many distinguished guests.

Among the many honorable invited guests this year were, Ali Said FIQI Ambassador of the Federal Government of Somalia in Belgium and the EU, former Mayor of Mogadishu, Mohamud Ahmed Nur “Tarzan”, Abukar Awale (UK activist and community leader), Mr. Abdel Mokhtar president of CAFUSA, Mohamed Attaibi of Holland National Futsal team, Mohamed Ismail former Somali national football member and, Hassan Farah (John) Somali National Basketball coach & educator, Saad Gedi retired Somali Tennis coach and of SEUKI Sweden, Ahmed Diinaash International Basketball Referee, Ahmed Musa a member of the Somali national basketball team player during the 70s and 80s, and Magan Tahir AFT ambassador and a previous Holland National parlympian. There were a large number of spectators who came to see the games and enjoy the ambiance.

All teams played in four groups of six with the top three qualifying to the second stage. As the completion escalated into a higher level, only four teams qualified to the finals, Arnhem (NL), Denhaag (NL), Rotterdam (NL), Reeuwijk (NL). Denhaag and Rotterdam played a well balance game where Rotterdam took the lead during the first half of the match, but denhaag drew before the end of the game and won in penalties scoring all three and saving one penalty. In the second semifinal Reewiijk has shown superb ability and won with ease 3-0.

The highlights of the games were the friendly matches in both days where selected players from the visiting teams played against the Moroccan national team, and on Sunday the Moroccan national team selection played againest the Somali Netherlanders selection.
On the other hand, a selection of female basketball players from Britain, Norway, Holland and Germany, lead by Shukri Dalbaas, and Hawo Kiin has demonstrated basketball skills at a high level the trophy was awarded to the winning team UK &friends by the Somali Ambassador to the EU & Belgium Dr Ali Said FIQI.

The 10th anniversary events were concluded in a ceremony held in the concert hall at Sporthallen Zuid Amsterdam, where trophies and awards were given to the winning teams, organizations and individuals who supported the AFT competitions in the last decade. The night was brought to life with music from Abdi BADIL, Lucky H. Wais, and the famous youth band The New Era (Waaga Cusub).
HIRDA AFT 2014 ended in success, we look forward to many prosperous years to come.

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