Remittance leverage to the Development

17917506_714366812067897_4551601051146442697_o.jpgAs part of women empowerment program, HIRDA has implemented in project in 2016-2017 leveraging remittances to the development project with supported by IOM that provides small loans to women entrepreneurs in Abudwak (Galgaduud region of Somalia) HIRDA’s gender programs are aimed to improve the lives of women and girls in Somalia. Among HIRDA’s gender objectives are; enabling women to organise themselves and increasing their financial dependency. This particular project was in the context of increasing the independence of women.

The main goal of the project was to enable female remittances recipients and their families in Abudwak to spend their remittance in a sustainable way and to enhance their entrepreneurial skills to contribute to the development of Abudwak.

The contribution of the remittances in somalia is limited and under-valued. Most people see remittances as fuelling only consumption and not productive activities. Female recipients face particular constraints from their families and institutions in benefiting from remittances. HIRDA aimed with this project With this project, women remittance recipient in Abudwak encourage to learn how to better manage and plan their financial situation and the remittances they receive. What investments and purchases are wise for the future and what are less sustainable. HIRDA supported with this project 15 women entrepreneurs through enhancing women's entrepreneurship skills and business set up.

Teaching women a new mind-set, in which saving and entrepreneurship are an essential part of household financial planning; they obtained new knowledge and insights that will enable them to make better choices in the future. This mind-set they gained from the project will continue during the course of their live. after completion of the project, women are able to start a small business and make financial choices. the project also produced educational tools on financial literacy and entrepreneurship training modules. The teachers will be able to spread their knowledge to other region and teach other women as well. HIRDA is planning tol replicate the project to other area in Somalia.

With this project, HIRDA has worked with women organisation called KARAAMA who supported the selection of the beneficiaries. The project, coordinator, Mrs. Fadumo Anod said; “We were able to support, with this project, 15 women entrepreneurs who are single mothers or widows’’. Ms. Anod, added, “during the project period there is a monitoring process where we look into the businesses and examine the progress”.






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