School renovation more necessary than ever!

Schermafbeelding_2013-05-16_om_22.54.14.pngSomalia’s school system collapsed in 1991 after the civil war. Since then, the schools have been in a terrible shape. The lack of a safe environment to educate students is one of the biggest challenges Somalia faces. Without proper class rooms, it is extremely difficult for young people to obtain education. Many students are barely able to read or write. How can a student concentrate in class if the classrooms are uncomfortable with no proper walls or school material?

HIRDA’s goal is to increase educational opportunities for children reduce gender inequalities, and create a child friendly and safe learning environment through increasing classroom sizes, reducing overcrowded classes and providing classroom materials.Until now, HIRDA has rebuilt the roof tops, exterior parts, grounds and walls of five schools in southern en central Somalia. All the school chairs have been changed into new forms and blackboards were made. Learning material such as notebooks and pens were distributed in the classrooms.

Former public schools are mainly attended by internally displaced persons. School enrolment will increase in the coming months and there will be a need to build more classrooms. HIRDA will continue to rebuild schools, provide school material and to empower students. Providing a safe environment to learn will increase young people’s educational opportunities enormously.

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