School rehabilitation in Abudwaq


In order to create a productive and child-friendly learning environment, HIRDA supports the rehabilitation and reconstruction of school buildings and classrooms. In 2015, HIRDA has renovated Ibrahim Giir School in Abudwaq. This school was built in 2003 by HIRDA with the support of Somali Diaspora. It has almost 400 students.  Since its establishment the school has undergone minor renovations, however, there was a need for rebuilding the school.

As a part of school rehabilitation project, HIRDA was able to execute reconstruction project. This reconstruction started in September last year and finished recently. In addition to renovating the classrooms and teachers offices, there is a new store added to the school. Electricity was installed, that will be regular in the school. This move was significant as ICT become an important part of the schools these days. There is a plan to ship computers to Abudwaq soon in order to train the students. The school will also be open until the evening.

The appearance of the school has changed. However, there is a need for a maintenance plan in coming years. There is also need for change in school policy regarding school hours, according to one of HIRDA’s board members. Mr. Egal highlighted the importance of school hours as the current management only allows morning and afternoon classes.  He acknowledges the challenges that the management has; as any new class will need a teacher and the fees can’t cover teachers’ salaries’. However, with electricity and ICT facility, there will be a plan to open the school for longer hours to train and educate the student more. 
In addition to the renovation assistance, HIRDA will try to find sponsors for the children who can’t afford school fees, since the previous sponsorship funding is finished in 2015.
There will be new curriculums introduced in the coming school year, the curriculums such as; Islamic studies.




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