Somalia Development Evening

Schermafbeelding_2013-07-22_om_21.54.20.pngSunday May 19 2013, HIRDA and the Somali Student Network presented ‘Teach Somalia: Educating the youth’ (Habeenkii horumarinta). Different inspirational speakers elaborated on education opportunities in Somalia. Mohamed Diini presented two initiatives that support the development of education in Somalia, like the ‘Go to School Initiative’ from Unicef and Teach Somalia Campaign, of which he is the ambassador. His inspiring speech set the positive atmosphere for the rest of the day.

Abdifatah Atm Faisal showed – in name of the Anti-Tribalism Movement (ATM) – the movie that they made one year ago in Mogadishu about their mission to spread the message among people in the capital, and the difficulties they experienced during this period. The audience recognized the stories about money and appointments with the locals in Somalia. Abdiwelli M. Ali Gaas, former Somali prime minister told followed with an intriguing story about the future of Somalia and the many opportunities that lay there to be grabbed. Especially the younger generation plays an important role in this matter, as for the remittances will dry out when the first generation passes away. It is, therefore, everybody’s obligation to become the best in their field, in order to be able to contribute to their home country.

Ibrahim Omar Baafo from Universal TV closed the day with a short debate on how to improve education in Somalia. To emphasize the significance of the subject he revealed a documentary on this issue. The audience was clearly moved by the film displayed. Everyone concluded the huge necessity of a greater access to qualitative education for the inhabitants of Somalia. HIRDA has hope for future development of the education system in Somalia, and is grateful for SSN, the volunteers and the guests making this day a great successful. 

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