The Potential of Migration for Development

The Dutch Minister of Development and Trade Lilianne Ploumen recently published the policy framework for the post 2015 strategic partnerships. In the framework, she outlined the context and conditions of how an organisation can apply for subsidy from her ministry. Ploumen indicated in her policy brief What the world deserves: A new agenda for aid, trade and investment in 2013, that she recognizes the important contribution of migrants to the development of their home countries. 

However, HIRDA is concerned that the contribution of migrants and migrant organisations would still be an underused resource by the Dutch government.   HIRDA, therefore, strongly pleads for increased involvement of the diaspora in the national development policy

HIRDA speaks at Global Forum on Migration & Development
We were uniquely honored to be invited at the Global Forum on Migration & Development in Stockholm to present our vision on how migrants need to be integrated into the post 2015 agenda and national development policies. Read here the highlights of Fatumo Farah's speech. 

Click on this picture to view Fatumo Farahs speech at the GFMD 2014! Starts at 2:09:24
Financial and Intellectual Potential of Migrants
The role that migrants can play in development and trade is still not perceived as a full-fledged contribution. Their great financial and intellectual potential notwithstanding. It’s a squandered opportunity. Especially, since the government is cutting back in funding and subsidies, the development policy should focus on the resources that are already available.

Remittances in 2012: $529 Billion
In the past, financial and social remittances have always proved to contribute to sustainable development. In 2012, approximately $529 billion has flown from migrants to their home countries. This remittance helped, notably, in the re-establishment of the educational infrastructure that was completely destroyed by the two decades of civil war. Thanks to the remittances of the Somali diaspora, it was possible to build new schools in Somalia, train new teachers and buy education materials.



Plea for Increased migrant Involvement
To this end, we plead for the creation of more space for migrant organisations to expand this practice and to coordinate it. We are convinced that a greater focus on the possible role of the diaspora in Ploumen’s policy would lead to a more efficient and affective expenditure of the government’s budget for development aid. 

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