Workshop for Playout youth

The youth of Play Out received a workshop on February 24 where job interview skills and resume-building were the main focus. Two trainers Loopbaancentrum DWI gave this workshop and some CVs of the participants were assessed during the workshop. People who sent their CV’s prior to the workshop receive feedback. In addition to the interview techniques, the trainers have done with the youth exercises on the elevator pitch. The young people were divided into groups of five, and they were trying to sell themselves to the group.

After the workshop, there has been a discussion session. The discussion session was themed 'radicalization'. The chairman began to involve the discussion session in recent developments and events, such as the attack on Charlie Hebdo in France. A number of statements were discussed including;

- The rise of the terror group IS in Syria and Iraq also leads to tension in the Netherlands

- Muslims in the west are viewed as a terrorist/criminal

- As a Muslim, you have to speak up against the terror attacks

The discussion was held in the Somali / Dutch. The reason why we have chosen to hold the discussion mainly in Somali is because we have noticed that the group can express themselves better in their mother tongue. At the beginning of the discussion, it was difficult to get going and the participants responded expectantly. The chairman took an active role and moved into the group by asking specific questions to the young.


It has come to our attention that the group distinguished between religion and politics in dealing with radicalization. Some of the youth emphasized that interests and one-sided news coverage play a role in the perception of young radicals. Some young people have pointed out that a certain responsibility lies with imams and the person himself to counter radicalization. Most of the young people believed that Muslims are stereotyped. In conclusion, participants said that they loved the discussing current issues; however, they don’t know what steps they can take if someone in their immediate has radical ideas. Participants requested an opportunity to come together once in a while in order to discuss issues and exchange ideas with each other.

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