The Cold Chain Facility


Juba region, Bay-Bokol region, Gedo region


To store medical supply and distribute medical means to health facilities


  • Created a storage for medical supply;

  • Distribution of medical means, such as immunization medicines, to different health facilities;

  • HIRDA has established an important position in the health services due to the coordination of health services and supply of medical means.



The Cold Chain Facility stores medical supply and distributes medical means to health facilities. HIRDA has adopted the Cold Chain Facility from UNICEF in 2010. Vaccines are stored in the facility and other health agencies use the facility to store items that require cooling or preservation like stool samples. The cooling systems are provided by UNICEF and it runs 24 hours a day through two generators. The facility serves Lower Juba, Bay-Bokol and Gedo regions. The facility makes it possible to distribute immunization medicines to all Mother and Child Health (MCH) centres in the Gedo region and it is managed by four trained personnel.

The coordination of key health services via the Cold Chain Facility has led HIRDA to be one of the key players in the health sector. This allows HIRDA to attract resources and means for the benefit of the community.

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