Mother and Child Health Centres


Surroundings of Bardera and Baledhawo, Gedo region


To provide direct medical care to women and children


  • Establishment of 5 Mother and Child Health centres;

  • Set up of 20 outdoor health posts;

  • As a result more than 65,000 people have access to medical health care.




The Mother and Child Health centres provide direct medical care to women and children. HIRDA has established several Mother and Child Health (MCH) centres since 2008 in the surrounding of Bardera and Baledhawo in the Gedo region. The MCH centres create access to medical healthcare services for children up to the age of five years, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

There are two MCH centres located in the east and west of the town Bardera and three centres in the surrounding villages. In order to reach people in distant rural areas, HIRDA has constructed twenty outdoor health camps within a radius of 140 kilometres of the MCH centres. This allows the medical staff to provide the healthcare services within a reasonable period of time to people who do not have the means or the transportation to reach the MCH centres. The outdoor health camps and MCH centres are in most places the only available health facilities. As a result of the outdoor health camps and MCH centres, more than 65.000 people have access to medical healthcare.The main services provided at the MCH centres include child immunization, pre- and postnatal care and Nutrition Supplementary Feeding Program (NSFP). The women are also informed on issues concerning healthcare, basic hygiene practices, communicable diseases, nutrition and issues related to FGM. The MCH centres are operated by fully trained nurses and traditional birth attendants assist the nurses in the daily activities and they manage the delivery rooms.


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