Training Social Health Workers


Gedo region


To enable access to community health workers and medical professionals in Somalia


  • 279 people have been trained as social health workers, who now effectively run the Mother and Child Health Centres, immunization campaigns and health posts in rural areas, all set up by HIRDA;

  • The awareness activities in the period 2008 – 2009 have reached 225 men and women.


Oxfam Novib

Schermafbeelding_2013-06-13_om_14.08.24.pngHIRDA trains social health workers to improve health facilities and to ensure the continuity and quality of health services. HIRDA addresses the lack of sufficient qualified medical professionals in Somalia by training up to 85 social health workers a year. The trainees receive the necessary competences and requirements to perform basic healthcare in their communities and to raise awareness on the prevention of diseases. The training courses cover topics as basic healthcare, maternal and child health services, countering malnourishment, reduction of child mortality and awareness raising on HIV/ Aids and FGM.

The social health workers who have successfully completed the course subsequently, exchange their knowledge and experiences with the new trainees. This strategy ensures that the skills and knowledge remain within the community and enables the long term development in the field of healthcare. Once the social health workers have completed the training, they receive the opportunity to work at a health facility of HIRDA or to work in other organisations involved in healthcare promotion, local clinics and pharmacies.

A total of 279 social health workers have been trained by HIRDA in the period of 2008 until 2011 who now effectively operate in the Mother and Child Health centres, the immunization campaign, and health posts in rural areas. In addition, they organise community health education related activities. The social health workers have reached out to 225 men and women in their awareness activities in the period of 2008-2009. Considering that medical professionals are scarce this is a remarkable achievement.

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