Diaspora Engagement

15th_Anniversary_Confrence_9.JPGAs a diaspora organization founded by members of the Somali diaspora, HIRDA appreciates the importance of the diaspora with regard to the development of Somalia in particular and the Horn of Africa as a whole. Regular, monthly remittances aside, the diaspora is, further, an indispensable community and plays a critical role both in the economic and social development of their countries of origin. Somali diaspora members, in particular, have immense understanding of the existing culture, social structures and the language and can thus play a key role in increasing the effectiveness of aid. A challenging task towards this end is to reduce the existing hostilities within the Somali diaspora and get (new) diaspora members involved in developing Somalia and Somali communities in East Africa.

In its Diaspora Programme, HIRDA aims at achieving the following:

  • Reverse the brain-drain into brain-gain through knowledge and skills transfer;
  • Increase financial and social remittances;
  • Encourage prudent use of remittances by providing financial literacy training to migrants and their families in East Africa;
  • Ensuring there‚Äôs a growing interest in issues related to migration and development through lobbying and advocacy campaigns;
  • Reduce the destructive attitudes and divisions between Somali communities and NGOs by setting up awareness raising campaigns.
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