Engagement of Young Somalis to the Development

Where: The Netherlands and United Kingdom
Aim: Finding sustainable ways to engage young Somalis to the development of Somalia
Results: Invented several approaches that stimulate contributions of young Somalis to the sustainable development of their home country
Partners: PSO, Mogadishu University, Burao University

An important group that can determine Somalia's future is the young Somali Diaspora community. Most of the young Somali Diaspora members never visited Somalia and don’t carry the cultural baggage -that their parents do-, but there exists a lot of energy, will and vision among the Somali youth. They aspire to bring peace to the nation that has been war torn for as long as they can remember. 

Young Somali Diaspora members are an important voice in the Somali communities with regard to the development issues. HIRDA has acknowledged this development and conducted in 2012 an academic research study on the engagement of Somali youth in Somalia’s reconstruction. The study has shown that Somali youth has a lot of potential with regard to the development of Somalia. HIRDA’s challenge is to keep the youngsters involved and engaged in the reconstruction of Somalia.

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