Temporary Diaspora Return to Somalia

Where: Gedo region, Galgaduud, Banaadir
Aim: Capacity building of local community and community based organisations
  • 1500 participants received governance training;
  • Established an effective local administration;
  • Designed 10 houses, schools and shops;
  • Development of two-business software.
Partners: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), HIRDA volunteers and local community including farmers, teachers, local administrators

As a Diaspora organisation, HIRDA believes in the positive contribution of Diaspora to the reconstruction of Somalia, not only in terms of financial remittances. They contribute in various ways, like entrepreneurship, sharing expertise and know-how, providing funds and capacity building. In the past, HIRDA has supported individuals who are willing to return temporarily to Somali to contribute to the rebuilding of Somalia with assistance of the UNDP QUEST programme and local administrations. For instance, Abdulahi Jama, an agronomist from Diaspora in the Netherlands, has returned for six months to Bardera district to provide capacity building to local farmers.

Also after UNDP QUEST, HIRDA’s diaspora members return to Somalia to support, monitor and train partners and colleagues. Matan Dahir, Mohamed Mahmoud, Dr. Ismail Ali and Abdishakur Halane, also Diaspora from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, are supporting HIRDA partners and local communities with their expertise to establish local administrations with qualified governance skills. Eng. Egal helped local communities with the construction of new buildings like shops, schools and houses.  

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