Education Network Building

Location: Gedo region
Connect all education stakeholders and unify the national education system
Results: Managing of an education network which involves 8 NGOs in the Gedo region. Stimulating sharing challenges, lessons learned, and best practices among the regional education networks


Educationnb_2.JPGSince the collapse of the Somali state in January 1991 and the prolonged civil war, Somalia has been a country where the educational system is completely destroyed. Education has become a local matter, resulting in a fragmented school system with different curricula. But despite the mass destruction of the national education system, there are always ways to restructure and rebuild Somalia’s system during the civil war. Local communities, supported by the international community, took on the responsibility of the schools, operating largely in the absence of a national administrative infrastructure.

Through building and stimulating a national education network HIRDA aims to find solutions to involve all education stakeholders. The objective is to produce strategies that will overhaul the shattered school system and create an education network that unifies different actors and different regions. Consequently, recommendations will be formulated to upgrade and unify the education curricula. Moreover, solutions will be searched for the different levels of curricula and other challenges that undermine the education performances in the region.

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