Mentors and Mobilisers project


Gedo, Middle Juba, Banadir and Galgaduud


Improve and professionalize the quality of teachers and CECs and hence improving the education system. Furthermore, creating awareness in Somali communities about the importance of girls education


Employed 13 mentors and 5 mobilizers, and trained 748 CECs


UNICEF Somalia 






HIRDA organised in cooperation with UNICEF Somalia, a mobilizers and mentor programme that supports the local communities in South Central Somalia. The mobilizers focus on creating awareness processes, quality enhancement and equal enrolment of boys and girls, mainly in rural areas. They mobilize the Community Education Committee (CECs) and the community to bring their children to school. 

Since 2008 HIRDA has employed 13 mentors in the Gedo region and in Middle Juba. The mentors train teachers and act as a source of support and guidance to teachers whose daily working environment is usually demanding. They carry out an assessment of teaching practices, lesson planning, children’s academic performance, teacher-pupil relation, the involvement of parents in their children’s education and school administration.

They also assess the trainings conducted among the teachers in service on the schools. This way HIRDA reaches annually 343 primary schools with 7,008 students. The mentors and mobilizers report to HIRDA on progresses on and around the schools and, more importantly, they make sure that programs initiated by HIRDA can continue under their supervision.

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