School Administration System


South Central Somalia


Provide schools with an online administration system in order to promote transparency, harmonise curricula and centralise school data


3 schools piloted

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In Somalia most of the schools are poorly managed. There are no effective Education Managements and Information Systems (EMIS) tools and the majority of the schools do not maintain accurate data. Moreover, the absence of a functioning government has caused a huge fragmentation of all kinds of different school curricula. Due to the lack of a central guidance and control, schools are functioning autonomously and depend on foreign aid.

For competent education and a professional management a harmonised school system is required. HIRDA intends to provide structural support through professionalizing the school system nationwide. To create one single school curriculum and increase the value of diplomas, HIRDA developed an online School Administration System. This Administration System supports schools with their management and keeps track of the record of its students. It will enhance the quality of education and, in addition, will create transparency in school activities and educational opportunities for children of school age. It has been implemented in 3 schools as a pilot and the results were promising, resulting in further expansion of this project in the future.

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