School Hygiene & Sanitation


 Mogadisho, Baidaio, Bardera, Burio, Las Anod and Kismaio


Improve and promote school hygiene through awareness on hygiene, water tanks establishment and provision of sanitary tools


40 schools (11.000 students) in Mogadisho, Baidaio, Bardera, Burio, Las Anod and Kismaio have access to clean water and seperate toilets. In addition, awareness is raised on the importance of hygiene and sanitation.


UNICEF and Achmea Foundation, Stichting Ijsselvliedt, Povincialaat Minderbroeders Franciscanen, Stichting Limburgs protestants kinderhuis, Stichting Provincial Economaat

28.JPGIn Somalia, the sanitary and hygienic conditions at schools are very poor. Most schools do not have basic facilities such as access to water supply and sanitation services. Poor health is an important underlying factor that causes low school enrollment, absenteeism, poor classroom performance and early school dropout, particularly for girls. For girls it is an even bigger problem, having no access to sanitary facilities, many girls stay at home during their menstruation cycle. This heavily affects their performance in school and significantly increases the chance of school drop-out.

The main objective of the project is to improve and promote school hygiene through raising awareness, establishment of water tanks and the provision of sanitary tools to enable students to have access to safe drinking water and hand washing facilities. Together with Achmea foundation among others, HIRDA has built several water tanks, water pipe installations and donated hand tools at the schools to strengthen water accessibility and hygiene among the students and teachers. In addition, HIRDA distributed sanitary materials (e.g. soap, towels and hygiene pads) and organizes workshops for school committees and parents to improve hygiene practices. This project has been implemented in 40 schools in Mogadishu, Baidaio, Bardera, Burio, Las Anod and Kismaio.

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